• Assistance with new enrolments through personal, electronic and/or telephonic assistance and advice to new members on joining a medical scheme.
  • Administrative support with registration of new members, registration or deregistration of dependants, interchanging between benefit options and reconciling of the employer’s group account.
  • Continued support – CMAC’s consultants offer continued support with product-, membership- and claims queries.
    Visit sites as per agreement, as required.


  • Dedicated consultants
  • Enrolment of new employees
  • Visit sites as per agreement, as required
  • Claims and membership enquiries
  • Registration of chronic medication
  • Assistance on understanding options, how to utilize benefits
  • Record keeping with monthly updates


  • Set up schedule to conduct on-site information sessions
  • Conduct year-end information sessions to brief and advice employees on new benefit options, amendments to benefit options and subscription structures
  • Record keeping
  • Close relationship with HR Division
  • Verification at end of revision period
  • The stated services will bear no additional cost to members or the employer as CMAC will be remunerated by the medical scheme, based on the registered standard contribution tables as per the fund’s brochures and in line with legislation as published in the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998

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